The Guns Route in Perigord

The Guns Route in Perigord

It may surprise many, but in this corner of the Périgord, we are in iron country. From 1691 to 1830, between the Auvézère and Vézère rivers thousands of cannons for the royal navy were cast in the forges of Ans and Plazac.

Testimony today is provided by three copies of canons dating from the 18th century, offered by Dominique Ballif-Festugière, a descendant of the masters of the forge, on the cannon road which passes through ten communes:

  • La Boissière d’Ans:  where they were made,
  • Brouchaud: where they were tested, 
  • Peyzac-le-Moustier: from where they were shipped to the Rochefort arsenal.

By following this itinerary, we find the traces of this metallurgical "golden age" as in Limeyrat, whose forests of oaks and hornbeams gave an excellent charcoal; or in Bars which had an " itinerant forge " in the forest.

You can also encounter Jacquou le Croquant and Lina, the heroes of Eugène Le Roy, while travelling through the "Barade" forest, or in Fossemagne, where the couple were married.

A few points of interest on the Cannon Route

The Peira Levada de Limeyrat, a recumbent stone from the 5th millennium BC, and its "borie" (stone hut);

The house of Suzanne Lacore in Ajat, the first woman Secretary of State (under Leon Blum).

The must-see harmonium museum in Bars, Ajat, etc.

In partnership with l'association de la route des canons