"Pass'aventure" - The Adventure Passport

Plenty of adventures at reduced prices!!!

A book of discount vouchers that can transform 5€ into 140€ or even 193€!

The "Pass'aventure en famille", is a book that looks like a chequebook. For each of our partners participating in the operation, a discount rate applies.

It is now available in all of our partners' establishments (campsites and hotels in the area) as well as in the tourist office agencies in Terrasson-Lavilledieu, Hautefort and Thenon.

On sale at 5€, it is generally offset from the first visit to a chosen site. In all it amounts to an immediate reduction from 43€ (1 person) to 193 € (2 persons and 3 children)!

With the Pass'aventure you also have a chance to win a 1 week stay in a mobile home located on a  *** campsite in the area.