Hautefort Saint-Agnan

Some places change you...

Protected and authentic countryside with diverse and undulating landscapes, dominated by Château de Hautefort, the jewel of Périgord.

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One of the most beautiful vistas in the Périgord

No matter where you come from, you’ll be amazed. There are not many more beautiful views in Périgord than that of Château de Hautefort, camped on its hill, dominating like a patriarch over the valleys, rivers and walnut groves. You will be seduced by the harmony of the village spreading out around the ramparts of this imposing castle. 

The narrow streets bordered by beautiful flowered houses, shady courtyards, the welcoming squares highlight the local heritage: a well here, a "travail" (farriers stock for oxen) there, a fountain... all bearing witness to a rich historical past

The local farmers' market takes place every Wednesday morning in Hautefort and on the first Monday of every month a traditional fair is held.  Every Thursday in July and August, an evening market is held in Saint-Agnan, on the church square: the atmosphere is warm and festive with musical entertainment. Dining is possible on site.


To see and To do

• Château de Hautefort: Jewel of the Black Perigord, this classical period castle classified as a Historic Monument has a collection of furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries. The formal gardens and the 75 acre park offer an opportunity to go for a stroll.

• The Hôtel-Dieu and History of Medicine Museum: The Hôtel-dieu (former Hospital) was founded in 1669 by the Marquis Jacques-François de Hautefort. The magnificent rooms house the History of Medicine Museum with its unique collection of medical instruments and old books.

• Etang du Coucou: a small lake just a few minutes away from Hautefort. An ideal place for a picnic break, a stroll by the water or a fishing trip. There is a bar-restaurant and a campsite on site. Inflatable structures and water games in July and August.

• Hot air balloon trip: A flight departing from the foot of the Château de Hautefort. Discover the Hautefort countryside by taking from the air and at a slow pace following the air currents. An unforgettable moment between heaven and earth.

• La Balade de Toinou: The signpost for the departure of this walk, which lasts about an hour and a half (accessible to all), is located near the town hall. Download the application on your smartphone and enjoy the story told by the famous storyteller Daniel Lhommond. The narrative accompanies you all along the trail and through a 300m tunnel (the former Hautefort-Brive railway). 

• Chanoine Goumet’s house: Climbing up the street bearing his name, you will discover the house of Chanoine Goumet, a famous historian with a passion for Occitan culture.

• Artigue garden: Visit the garden and savour the delicate fragrance of the roses, remember troubadours and courtly love.

• Wells: are everywhere in Hautefort. In addition to their strategic locations, the presence of water was a guarantee of independence in the event of a siege. Place Eugène le Roy has the most beautiful wellin the town, recently restored by a Compagnon du Tour de France.

• Saint Agnan: Its church houses two paintings by Joseph Pérignon, a 15th century Pietà and an 18th century altar. It is opposite a restored 18th century Chartreuse.

• The market and fairs: Every Wednesday morning around the Hôtel-Dieu all year. The first Monday of every month there is a fair.


A stroll through the old town

Hautefort St Agnan: 2 flower ”Town in Bloom”

The label "Villes et Villages fleuris" (Cities and Villages in bloom) indicates that the municipality is:

  • A community-friendly place that encourages its inhabitants to participate in collective projects: plant festivals, flowered house competitions, plant markets...
  • Committed to sustainable development with the presence of plants in all seasons
  • Attractive and concerned about the preservation of biodiversity.

Activities in Hautefort Saint-Agnan

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