Terrasson-Lavilledieu, Gateway to the Vézère Valley and the Périgord

Located at the entrance to the Périgord Noir and the Vézère valley, Terrasson-Lavilledieu has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

[occ] Terrasson e la Vila Diu

The entrance to the Vézère Valley

At the entrance to the Vézère Valley, human occupation is attested here since prehistoric times, as its rich historical past testifies. From Merovingian times with the foundation of the Abbey until the present day, Terrasson Lavilledieu is an unusual, ancient town, off the beaten track, revealing its treasures to the curious.

Surrounding the Jardins de l’Imaginaire, a unique creation in Europe, the whole city showcases water, gardens and the richness of its heritage. A visit to the ancient town is enhanced by its 12 fountains (mossy, mascaron, sculpted, colossal or discreet) and its 18th century inspired gardens, which have made it a garden-town.

From the truffle fields on the hillsides to the AOC (a label of controlled origin) Périgord walnut groves in the valley, the Terrasson region is one where producers cultivate excellent local products. It is also a gourmet destination and home to the Musée du Chocolat Bovetti.  

The Terrasson-Lavilledieu market was established by François 1er and has been held every Thursday morning around the Vézère basin ever since. Spotlighting local producers and the products that have created the renown of the Périgord Noir: ducks, foie gras, truffles, walnuts, It is also a market of fresh produce (fruit, vegetables, meats...), local crafts and street vendors. Every winter, from November to March there is a covered foie gras and truffles market.


To see and to do

• The “Jardins de l'Imaginaire”: A contemporary garden set in nearly 15 acres Inviting the awakening of the senses.

• "Le Vézère" gabare: Take a 40 minute cruise along the river and discover the history of Terrasson and its boatmen. 

• Bovetti Chocolate Museum: Valter Bovetti, master chocolate maker, shares his passion and the secrets of this magical product: chocolate. 

• The Malpas cliff: A majestic natural site more than 300 m long. The cliffside path offers breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the river.

• Saint Sour Church: The architectural ensemble was originally an abbey. After multiple destructions, restoration works have  produced the church that stands today. Take time to observe the Rose and stained glass windows, including those retelling the legend of Saint Sour.

• The “Cluzeaux”: Several "cluzeaux" are open to visitors (free) in the old part of the town. They are mysterious dugout  shelters leading to questions: were they created to protect the population during the Viking invasions? as a larder? 

• The workshops: The old town houses several stalls occupied by craftsmen who produce "Made in Terrasson" creations on site: glassblower, ceramists, painters, jewellers, silversmiths, and sculptors...

• Place du conventionnel Bouquier: Gabriel Bouquier was a member of the Tiers-Etat which voted the death of Louis XVI. His house is listed as a Historical Monument with its Renaissance façade at the foot of the Abbey. Place du conventionnel Bouquier is the central square of the old town the scene for concerts and the Video Mapping in the summer.

• The traditional market: takes place every Thursday morning all year on either side of the Vézère river and across Pont Vieux. From December to March there is also a covered foie gras and truffles market.


A stroll through the old town

3 flowers ”Town in Bloom”

The label "Villes et Villages fleuris" (Cities and Villages in bloom) indicates that the municipality is:

  • A community-friendly place that encourages its inhabitants to participate in collective projects: plant festivals, flowered house competitions, plant markets...
  • Committed to sustainable development with the presence of plants in all seasons
  • Attractive and concerned about the preservation of biodiversity.

Activities in Terrasson-Lavilledieu


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