Bovetti Chocolate Museum

Step into an astonishing chocolate factory!

Visit a unique place in the Périgord where Valter BOVETTI, chocolate craftsman, shares with you his passion...


Bovetti Chocolate Museum

The passion of an artisan chocolate maker

Valter BOVETTI, artisan chocolate maker, shares his passion with you by revealing the secrets of this magical product - chocolate. The history of cocoa, from the Mayas to its arrival in Spain and later in France.

This is followed by a journey through the plantations, the industrial transformation illustrated by ancient machines, and the production workshop where you will witness the artisanal manufacture of chocolate.

At the end of the visit, children make a chocolate mould that they take home with the original mould that they can then reuse.

The visit ends with a delicious tasting where you will discover several specialities from our chocolate works. You can also see the cocoa tree greenhouse.

All year round, the Bovetti Chocolate Museum organises events rich in colour and flavour to celebrate the seasons and cocoa throughout the year (Candlemas, Easter, Heritage Days, Halloween...).

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Our chocolate factory meets European hygiene and safety standards.

The shop

At the end of your journey in the land of chocolate, enjoy a halt in our shop to pick up authentic chocolate treats, gourmet gifts and delicious souvenirs.

Even more free tastings in the boutique!




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