L'Appel de la Forêt

Adventure Park in the Dordogne

A real treat combining games, sport and emotion, accessible for all ages from 4 years old and 1 meter high.

The adventure park

Located in the heart of the Périgord, near Montignac-Lascaux and half an hour from Sarlat, l'Appel de la Forêt Adventure Park will delight the whole family. Easy to access, from the Périgord, Corrèze, Limousin, or Lot en Quercy, this Leisure Park offers multiple activities such as tree top adventure, Disc-Golf, playgrounds, discovery and hiking trails in the forest...

With 11 progressive and independent courses offering more than 150 workshops, the treetop adventure course Appel de la Forêt is there waiting for you to have a wonderful time. Nearly 50 zip lines are set out on all the courses, and also monkey bridges, tarzan jumps, Himalayan bridges, pirate nets, surfing...

Safety and the courses

You will first be given a briefing supervised by one of our staff. This consists of a test run that you will carry out in front of your attendant, who will be able to help you correct any eventual weakness.

All our courses are equipped with a Continuous Lifeline System (CLS). This safety equipment prevents any detachment (voluntary or involuntary) of the lifeline cable whilst on the courses. This will reassure the foolhardy ... and the less courageous!

Once the compulsory check has been carried out, you can then begin with one of the GREEN courses, (easy level but progressive in terms of height: abracadabranche, discovery and family courses)...

You can then proceed to the BLUE courses, (higher and more impressive: explorer and adventurer course).

Finally, you will be able to opt for the more challenging courses, RED (sensation course) and BLACK (Cro-Magnon and Challenge course).

At your own pace

You then have a total of 3h30 of activity once you have completed your test course, so that you can repeat the courses to which you have access as many times as you wish, at your own pace.

Enjoy the journey and take advantage of this moment of relaxation to appreciate the site and surrounding forest.

Don't forget to practice the activity with pleasure and moderation to leave with unforgettable memories of your day.


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