Le CIAP - Lascaux IV

International Centre for Parietal Art

A complete and unprecedented replica that retraces the discovery of the famous ornamented cave.


Lascaux IV - Vézère Périgord Noir

Lascaux IV is a masterpiece of parietal art, and it is also the ideal place to discover the world of prehistory. The International Centre opens its doors for an opportunity to travel 17,000 years back in time and to explore areas retracing the history of the discovery, parietal art in the world and its links with contemporary art. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and exceptional scientific work, come and experience something new! The + : themed conferences, autograph sessions and the special prehistory pass to visit 3 sites at a preferential rate!

For the first time, Lascaux reveals itself entirely. A complete and original replica retraces the discovery of the famous decorated cave. But the adventure doesn't stop there: the entire visit questions the place that Lascaux occupies in cave art and its relationship with contemporary creation. The opening of Lascaux Centre International de l'Art Pariétal (also called Lascaux 4) marks the beginning of a new adventure combining the emotion of ancestral art and technological achievements.


Get ready for the Lascaux experience!

  • The Belvedere and the Shelter
    From this belvedere overlooking the Vézère Valley, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, you will be at liberty to contemplate the view thanks to your tablets. As you scan the landscape, discover the location of all the main archaeological sites in the surrounding area open to the public.
  • The Cave​
    The replica represents the entire original cave accessible to the public, reproduced with the techniques and art of the Atelier des Fac-Similés du Périgord (AFSP) and the Atelier artistique du Béton.
  • The Lascaux workshop
    Move freely in this space where there are eight large cave rock faces. Each of them represents the main works of art in the cave: "the Two Back-to-back Buffalos", "the Great Black Cow", "the Footprint Panel", "the Apse", "the Well Scene", "the Axial Diverticulum", "the Upturned Horse" and "the Bull Room". In enhanced reality, visitors can access information on the different representations, techniques and interpretations.
  • The Theatre of Parietal Art
    Enter a modern theatre or rather a series of scenarios in a suite of "small rooms" in three acts.
  • 3D Cinéma 
    A film, entitled "Lascaux and the World" with an accompanying commentary, will take you to the heart of the Bullring, the Axial Diverticulum, the Passage, the Nave, the Apse and even the Well... and will look again at the various decorated caves in the World, the animal representations, the signs... Prepare yourself for a strikingly realistic experience.
  • La Galerie de l'Imaginaire - Temporary Exhibition
    This room invites you to explore the links between different artistic works from cave painting to contemporary art. Surrounding you, a wall of 90 screens made up of images, with works by renowned artists such as Miro, Tapies or Picasso, makes up this unusual exhibition.

    In front of you, six interactive terminals. Compose your own exhibition by selecting images. This selection of modern art images combined with wall art images can be assembled into a single exhibition, according to your wishes, and visible for all to see.


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