Tourtoirac Cave

The geological pearl of the Périgord

A fabulous journey from the depths of the Earth to the heart of mankind, somewhere between geology, history and human adventure.


The geological pearl of the Périgord

Discovered in 1995, the Tourtoirac Cave amazed its discoverer, and then his caving friends. Throughout time, water and nature have created the cave and have decorated and traced it in an immensely beautiful fresco.

Following the underground river, you will be immersed in a show of lights and shadows between columns and draperies, eccentrics and fistulas.

This unforgettable visit to Tourtoirac will introduce you to this village marked first by prehistory, then the history of its thousand-year-old abbey.


Opening times

The cave is open all year round by prior reservation for groups of 20 people or more.

The visit to Tourtoirac cave lasts about 1 hour and the temperature is located between 13 and 14 degrees Celsius (please bring a warm piece of clothing and do not wear heels).


The visit is accessible to people in wheelchairs and children's pushchairs.


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