Vézère Périgord Noir

Condat-Sur-Vézère offers one of the most beautiful orienteering courses in the Dordogne.

The orienteering course in Condat-Sur-Vézère

What is orienteering?

It is an individual race that combines adventure and sports activities. You complete a route passing through different checkpoints. The aim of the game is to pass from one checkpoint to another by plotting your own route using a map and a compass.

It is an activity that combines sport, navigation, analysis and memory.

Who can do it?

The circuits are adapted according to the age and technical level of the participants. In other words everyone can participate, from children ( over 5 years old), to experienced sportsmen and women, and even seniors. The higher the technical level of a course, the more difficult it will be to locate  the marker.

It is a sporting activity to be enjoyed by the whole family. It is not necessarily enough to know how to run fast, the ability to orientate oneself is decisive. As orienteers say: "It's better to know how to walk in the right direction than to run in the wrong direction.


Where to go to practice in Vézère Périgord Noir?

Orienteering course - Club Athlétique de Condat - +33 5 53 82 63 74.

To find out more: cac2408.fr