Vézère Périgord Noir

Whether in rivers or lakes, our area is a paradise for fishermen.

Fishing in the Vézère and Auvézère and Coly Rivers


Our territory is blessed with three rivers suitable for fishing, each offering a luxurious setting in the middle of a wild and at the same time peaceful nature.

  • La Vézère: 2nd category. From Terrasson-Lavilledieu to Montignac on the Vézère, the minimum catch sizes are: pike: 60 cm / pikeperch: 50 cm / perch: 15 cm.  
  • L'Auvézère: 2nd category. Marking the limit between the Corrèze and the Dordogne, the Auvézère is full of fish such as barbel, vandoise, chub, roach, gudgeon, minnow, pike, perch, carp.
  • Le Coli: 1st category. The Coly, a tributary stream of the Vézère and known for its siphon, the longest in Europe and the second longest in the world, is mainly populated by trout.

Lake fishing

      Several lakes are well suited to angling, the most common fish being carp and trout:

  • Etang des fauries - Terrasson-lavilledieu
  • Etang du coucou - Hautefort
  • Plan d'eau du manoire - Fossemagne
  • Etang communal - Thenon

You will be able to find more practical information about angling in the Dordogne (where to fish, where to get your fishing permit, angling season calendars...) from the Dordogne Fishing Federation:

 You can also get your fishing permit from the tourist office in Terrasson-Lavilledieu


Angling Site

 Campsites and holiday complexes for anglers


Our territory has several campsites offering the opportunity to enjoy fishing:

  • Le Verdoyant" in Thenon (with 2 private ponds in addition to the communal lake)
  • "Camping du Coucou" in Hautefort
  • "Le Clupeau" in Cherveix-Cubas
  •  "La Grande Prade" in La Cassagne
  •  "La Salvinie" in Terrasson-Lavilledieu
  • Goélia "Les Cottages du Lac" in Coly
  • Goélia "Le Hameau de La Vézère" at Le Bugue

Click to access the sites of these establishments: