Welcome to a land of authentic flavours

Perigord truffles, walnut oil, foie gras... these are the products for which the Périgord is famous.

Perigord Walnuts

The history of the walnut and the Périgord are intimately linked: traces of walnut shells dating back more than 10,000 years have been found in prehistoric shelters in Saint-Rabier.

If walnuts are appreciated for their gustatory value, they are also very beneficial to health with a high concentration of Omega 3, proteins and animated acids.

The Périgord walnut AOP (Protected Designation of Origin), is subject to strict specifications ensuring that the methods of cultivation and production are respectful of the terroir, traditions... and of what we have on our plates.


Foie Gras

The foie gras from Périgord is eaten raw, half-cooked or cooked. It is obtained by force-feeding goose or duck. Did you know that it is after observing their natural behavior that man came up with the idea of force-feeding geese and ducks? The ducks and geese "force-feed" themselves with food before their migrating, and can even double in volume...

Canned or fresh foie gras is available from our producers at the traditional markets or marché au gras (from December to February). You will also find duck breasts, confits... 


 Périgord Truffles

The Perigord truffle is in fact a fungus. It is found underground (under 5cm to 30cm), at the base of a tree with which it lives in symbiosis (it feeds on organic matter). The black truffle has been honoured as a delicacy since the Renaissance. The plantations of truffle oaks on the hillsides of our area attest to a local production which is in part proposed at local markets