Azerat - English

Vézère Périgord Noir

Don't be put off by the "roadside" aspect of this place; discover the charming village whose picturesque alleys lead to the church.

[occ] Aserat

Azerat is located on the D6089 between Thenon and Brive.

In Azerat, the Douzillet and Douyme rivers join to form the Cern,  once supplying a mill in the village via a reservoir and a canal that still exist. The Chapel of Our Lady of Good Hope (MH) was built in the 13th century following a vow made by Elbes de Souillac. Azerat castle is not open to the public. The church of Saint-Martin is unusual with its bell-tower-wall.

The motorway viaduct, a gigantic work of art spanning the valley irrigated by the River Douime, is worth a detour. A new Economic Zone has recently been created between Thenon and Azerat.


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Mairie d'Azerat
Tél : +33 5 53 05 21 26