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Vézère Périgord Noir

Ajat was strongly linked with the Route des Canons by the Hautefort family, who created the Forge d'Ans.

[occ] Ajac d'Aubas Rocha

Ajat is a pretty village perched on a hillside on the edge of the causse and the Barade forest, and offers visitors a beautiful panorama. 

The church-castle is a remarkable ensemble. The church of Saint-Martin, dating from the 12th century, was occupied for a time by the Templars. The 25m high bell-tower-wall with four openings is impressive. The stained glass windows, designed by Father Kim en Joong and installed by the "Loire" workshops of Chartres in July 2013, are sources of light that breathe new life into the spiritual vocation of the church.

The flagstones of the church cover many tombs, notably that of François de Hautefort.


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