Beauregard de Terrasson - English

Vézère Périgord Noir

Stroll through the streets and alleys and discover the many hidden treasures of our heritage: small sculpted heads, mullioned windows...

[occ] Bel Regart

The old part of the village is very picturesque with numerous medieval and more contemporary houses dating from the 14th to the 19th century. Stroll through the streets and lanes to discover all the little treasures of the village's heritage: small sculpted heads, mullioned windows, inscriptions, old vaulted doors, etc.

The grounds of Château de Mellet (MH) are open to visitors in the afternoons between 14/07 and 30/08.


Beauregard de Terrasson : 1 flower ”Town in Bloom”

The label "Villes et Villages fleuris" (Cities and Villages in bloom) indicates that the municipality is:

  • A community-friendly place that encourages its inhabitants to participate in collective projects: plant festivals, flowered house competitions, plant markets...
  • Committed to sustainable development with the presence of plants in all seasons
  • Attractive and concerned about the preservation of biodiversity.

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Mairie de Beauregard de Terrasson
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