Ladornac - English

Vézère Périgord Noir

[occ] Ladornac

The Church of Our Lady (MH) was built in the 12th century.

The village, rich in a preserved built heritage (Louise's hut, bread oven...), also offers a protected flora and fauna that is both present and varied.

To do: visit the "wild orchids" site, ideally in May, as well as the walking circuit around the village.


Ladornac: 1 flower ”Town in Bloom”

The label "Villes et Villages fleuris" (Cities and Villages in bloom) indicates that the municipality is:

  • A community-friendly place that encourages its inhabitants to participate in collective projects: plant festivals, flowered house competitions, plant markets...
  • Committed to sustainable development with the presence of plants in all seasons,
  • Attractive and concerned about the preservation of biodiversity.

To see, to do...

Mairie de La Dornac
Tél : +33 5 53 51 02 00