Nailhac - English

Vézère Périgord Noir

"Nata aqua" - nascent water - or "Novale" - cleared land, deforested for cultivation: these may be the origins of the small village.

[occ] Nalhac

Nailhac is the capital of the AOC Périgord walnut. Surrounded by rolling, wooded hills, the village is clustered on a small plateau. An exceptional hiking trail winds through the famous walnut groves. The Fête de la Noix (Walnut Festival) takes place every year in Nailhac. The very pretty combed bell tower of the 13th century church has been designed for four bells of which one remains today. Go for a leisurely stroll on the slopes of Chassaing hill.

Mairie de Nailhac
Tél : +33 5 53 51 51 65

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